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There are two methods to install your real wood flooring.

Nailing onto a wooden sub-floor
This is the most traditional method of installation. Boards to be secret nailed at an angle of 45 degrees through the toop of the tongue. Using lost head machine nails of 50mm and a pneumatic nailing machine to avoid any damage to the tongue. For some extremely hard wood species, it may be necessary to pre drill a nail hole into your real wood flooring. Do not forget to leave at least a 15mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the room.

This is an alternative method of installing your real wood flooring. You must use a water free, alcohol or polyurethane glue specially for wood and carefully follow the manufacturers instructions. Using this method you adhere direct to the sub floor and you do not need to glue the tongue and groove. As wood is a living natural product provide an expansion gap of at least 15mm around the perimeter as before. In large areas, lengths in excess of 10 metres the floor must be divided with an expansion gap. On completion you can cover this with a profile that matches your real wood flooring.

Once you have installed your real wood flooring please make sure you look after it there are some general instructions to follow which will keep it looking good for life.

1. Protect chair and furniture legs using felt or other suitable products.
2. Avoid the introduction of sand and dirt from outside by using a quality doormat.
3. Daily maintenance is done by wiping or vacuuming. Surplus water should be avoided on your real wood flooring.
4. Remove dirt and stains with a gentle detergent and damp, but not wet, sponge.

Make sure to use an appropriate product suitable for your real wood flooring.