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Carpet tiles are also called carpet squares.  Today they are more frequently used for office buildings, meeting spaces, home offices, banks & buildings societies, shops,  and factories - the idea behind this being the ease in which they can be removed and replaced after damage and carpet tiles are more resistant to dirt and or damage and easier to clean.  They were once also popular for kitchens in the home but people have now become aware that smooth vinyl flooring is probably a better choice for today’s busy lifestyle.


Carpet tiles are categorised as general contract wear, heavy contract and very heavy contract wear.  General wear is best used home offices or back offices in buildings.  Heavy contract tiles are used in high volume walking traffic areas for example banks and shops.  Very heavy contract are used in places that take both high walking traffic, movement of furniture and use of castor chairs and so on.  They are more economical than broadloom carpet.


Often carpet tiles are made of Polypropylene, Meraklon, Polyamide and Nylon all of these are hard wearing offer some offer low radius of char suitable for use with castors and fall within IBM/ICL requirements or have low static ratings.  The backing is made from mexphalte with glass fibre, bitumen or spun and bonded glass amongst other things.  All offering unique properties such as long lasting, non crumbing, anti-static, rot proof  or good stability.


To lay carpet tiles you need to use a tackifier (adhesive) such as Laybond 79 Supertack or multitack.  They can straight laid - one next to each other or checkerboard effect, although some carpet tiles can only be laid one or the other and you should always check before laying.  Try to protect the carpet tiles from castor chairs using a desk matt and if it is being laid onto parquet flooring a good DPM (damp proof membrane) should be used.  In entrance halls and doorways with heavy walking traffic you can use entrance tiles or barrier matting to keep soiling to a minimum.  Usually carpet tiles are a standard 50cm x 50 cm and the most popular designs are cord, needle punch, needle felt or tufted loop pile.


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